Executive Team

Chief Financial Officer

As LandCare’s financial leader, Dan strikes a balance between visionary optimism and healthy realism. He applies proven financial insight and forward-thinking innovation to help LandCare navigate its growth.  

As a young man, Dan was inspired by Twain, Hemmingway and Vonnegut, and set out on his own to explore Southeast Asia and Australia.  Fueled with a global insight, he joined the business world, where his experience included roles as an investment banker, as well as several positions within LPL Financial, a $4B provider of business support services to independent financial advisors, including Treasurer, EVP of Strategy, Chief Marketing Officer, and SVP of Sales and Marketing.  

With a degree in Psychology from Yale and a CFA charter, he demonstrates an understanding of team dynamics, and a disciplined rationality of thought that guides his team with a clear vision and a passion for working hard to successfully execute on supporting the financial goals of the company.   

“I want our company to do great work and as a result I expect a lot from people here,” says Dan.   “It also means I owe a lot to these same people to support their success.  It is my job to both teach and learn every day so that I'm in the most informed position possible to make leadership decisions.”

Based in San Diego, Dan is a die-hard Broncos fan. His zest for adventure now includes enjoying outdoor activities like camping, hiking and beaching, with his wife and three children.

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